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Stewardship at FCC

Stewardship at FCC isn’t limited to budgeting.  Stewardship, at its best, is a year-long, daily, moment-to-moment way of life founded in mindfulness of the gifts we’ve been given.

All we have is a gift: life, health, talents – as well as all we make with those things: money, relationships, experiences.  Which means the first posture of a life well-lived is gratitude.  From that flows our faithful response: using our gifts well, making our lives a blessing to others, “spending” our lives on things that will endure.  Real stewardship calls us to be good caretakers of that with which we have been entrusted, good investors of the gifts we’ve been given.

We are the current stewards of this community, inherited from our ancestors and borrowed from our children, and it’s up to us to make it flourish in the meantime.  All the ministries and teams who come together to manage our financial life at FCC serve God and this community through their efforts on our behalf.

Stewardship Team

Our Stewardship Team organizes and facilitates an annual stewardship campaign to gather pledges from the congregation for our financial planning for the year ahead.

Finance Team

The Finance Team helps manage the financial operations of the church under the direction of the Treasurer and with the support of our office staff.  The team reports to and assists the Church Council in financial matters, especially in the preparation of our annual budget.

Legacy Society

Who We Are

The First Congregational Church of DundeeThe Legacy Society consists of individuals who have one thing in common – a desire and a promise to leave a portion of their estates to the church.

All it takes is simply the commitment to remember the church in financial plans through a gift made through a will, trust, annuity, life insurance policy or other means.  Members of the Legacy Society have taken this added step beyond their annual pledge and other support.  They have done so to help ensure the future of this congregation's vital ministry and mission.  It's one final way to help "pass it on" to future generations.

Of Concern.  Some members have expressed a concern that they do not want to leave an abrupt void in church funding when they pass away and their annual pledge stops.  A commitment to leave a legacy gift is their way to help provide a more gradual transition as the church continues to grow in the future.

Gifts of Real Property (Real Estate).  Gifts of real estate are an additional way of providing for the church's future needs.  Such gifts should be free and clear of any financial encumbrances.

Designation of GiftsPreschool Activity

Gifts can be designated to support any of the ministries or teams of the church.  However, contributions designated to one of the major church fund categories provides added flexibility to help meet shifting and high priority needs in the future.  The three major funds that continue to provide the bulk of the church's resources are:

  • Operating Fund If your major legacy goal is to provide a transition from your annual pledge, you might want to consider designating your legacy gift to the Operating Fund.  This is the major fund providing ongoing annual support for the church's ministry and mission programs.  It is also the fund that can be most impacted by typical changes in membership due to deaths, job transfers and other factors beyond the control of the church.

  • Endowment Fund.  Some members like the idea of providing principal that is invested to generate earnings used to fund various church priorities.  In the Endowment Fund, the principal is not spent and remains intact to continue to generate earnings for future use.  The Endowment Fund is designed to match additional member contributions on a dollar-for-dollar basis, thereby doubling the impact of your gift.  This approach is of particular interest to those who want their gift to keep on giving for an indefinite period of time.

  • Building Fund.  Building Fund contributions can be applied toward the church mortgage, future parking expansion or building additions.  Making a legacy contribution to this fund is a great way to help enable the church to have the facilities needed for continued growth.

Undesignated legacy gifts will generally be applied to the church Operating Fund.

To Join

If you have any questions or would like to discuss joining the Legacy Society, please ask a Legacy Society member.  They will be wearing a Legacy Society name tag on Sunday mornings and at congregational meetings.  You can also call our Office Manager, Chris Awe, at 847-426-2161 ext. 202 or e-mail her at cawe@fccdundee.com and ask to have a Legacy Society member contact you.